Growing Support & Momentum

Where Heathrow has tried (and failed) for decades to expand, Gatwick has only recently entered the airports expansion debate - yet in that short time, our second runway plans have increasingly been seen as the most credible option in this most critical of issues for the UK. 

You can show your own support for Gatwick here and listed below are details of the growing support and momentum behind our second runway plans.

POLLING support

Polling consistently shows Londoners, Gatwick and Heathrow residents, UK small businesses, and London councillors all support expansion at Gatwick over Heathrow. The results show how the public, local politicians that represent them and small businesses up and down the country, all think Gatwick should be expanded.

Londoners in particular have continued to make their choice clear on the expansion debate. The latest polls show that when given a straight choice of where to build a new runway, 43% chose Gatwick compared to 36% for Heathrow – the fifth month in a row that a poll of Londoners have backed Gatwick over Heathrow.


  • PHILLIP HAMMOND MP: "London's role as an international air transport hub can be maintained without additional runways at Heathrow. A second runway at Gatwick, plus enhanced transport links between the airports and better transport links to London will create a "virtual" hub airport, maintaining Heathrow's role in the local economy without expanding it."

  • SOUTHWARK COUNCIL LEADER PETER JOHN: “Other parts of the capital have benefited in recent years from huge investment - now it is South London’s turn. Gatwick expansion would be a huge boost to the massive regeneration already underway across the borough, bringing in new jobs, new infrastructure and world-class transport links. Gatwick is the capital’s best and only chance to capture the huge benefits of airport expansion without the noise and disruption of thousands more planes over London.”

  • LONDON ASSEMBLY MEMBER STEVE O'CONNELL: “London and the UK desperately need new airport capacity and it is becoming clear that Gatwick is the best placed to deliver what is needed. Gatwick can deliver a new runway more quickly, with huge economic benefits but less environmental impacts than the other plans put forward. Crucially an expanded Gatwick can be delivered without taxpayers’ money so everyday passengers would see the benefits of a new runway without being hit in the pocket.”

  • LORD BRADSHAW, CO-CHAIR OF THE LIB DEM TRANSPORT COMMITTEE: "Liberal Democrat policy states that there should be no net increase in runway capacity in the south-east. This is based on fears about emissions, noise and access problems. I believe that only Gatwick has the means of overcoming these problems."
  • CAROLINE ANSELL MP: "Gatwick delivers our most pressing need which is connectivity and tourism. Government investment has always followed decisions around airport capacity and a second runway at Gatwick could create a cascade of road infrastructure improvements."
  • STEVE REED MP: “Obvious answer is second runway at Gatwick. Fewer affected by noise, big benefits for Croydon” (via Twitter).
  • COUNCILLOR TONY NEWMAN, LEADER OF CROYDON COUNCIL: “Croydon is on the brink of Olympic-scale transformation, and just 15 minutes away by train, Gatwick can make a really important contribution to the regeneration and investment already underway in our borough. A second runway would bring huge benefits to our residents and businesses, as well as the wider region. It would create thousands of new jobs, boost businesses including Croydon's growing tech city, and see further investment in the transport network."

Businesses and business group support

  • GUERNSEY FINANCE CHIEF EXEC DOMINIC WHEATLEY: “Guernsey Finance recognises the enhanced connectivity that Gatwick expansion would bring to Guernsey business and supports its proposals. Gatwick provides Guernsey with connectivity to the UK and the rest of the world. Expanding Gatwick will increase that capacity at a price everyone can afford.” 
  • WESTFIELD DIRECTOR OF DEVELOPMENT JOHN BURTON AND HAMMERSON CHIEF INVESTMENT OFFICER PETER COLE: “Westfield and Hammerson, from the Croydon Partnership, support the Gatwick Airport expansion plan as it will deliver vital economic regeneration and new jobs to a key identified growth corridor of the South East including Croydon. The Gatwick proposal supports the Coast to Capital LEP which was established by the UK Government to determine regional economic priorities. Critical to the success of this region is immediate infrastructure investment which the Gatwick plan will deliver.”  
  • STREATHAM BID CHAIRMAN RICHARD COLTART: “Expanding Gatwick airport would allow Streatham to enjoy the economic and social benefits of a multi-billion pound investment with the ability to transform the fortunes of many of the businesses we represent. We believe this investment along the A23 corridor will allow for regeneration plans to continue, supporting the aims of the In Streatham BID. The 3.75m new apprentices fund and other key pledges will create benefits over and above the boost to the UK’s economy which would follow from creating a competitive network of airports in London. In Streatham gives full support to plans to create a second runway at Gatwick and urge other local business organisations to do the same.”
  • MARTYN REDMAN, CEO VAT INTERNATIONAL: “VAT International is based in central Brighton and like most businesses in Brighton, Gatwick represents the best airport location for us. An additional runway at Gatwick would increase the number of flights available & reduce waiting time, as well as cutting  local journey times to airports and ensuring the flights are competitively priced. I’m sure that there are many other local businesses in East and West Sussex, and Kent that would have similar experience: my company whole- heartedly supports the expansion at Gatwick and recommends that others to the same.” 
  • GATWICK DIAMOND BUSINESS CHIEF EXECUTIVE JEREMY TAYLOR: "The Gatwick Diamond represents 350 members, with 50,00 staff. In a recent poll, 92% of our membership were in favour of Gatwick’s bid for a second runway. Like us, they understand that a second runway at Gatwick means economic growth & diversity across the region as well as a healthier more competitive aviation industry to benefit the whole of the UK. We’re urging Howard Davies to recommend expanding Gatwick.”
  • BRIGHTON AND HOVE ECONOMIC PARTNERSHIP: “Obviously the Commission has to carefully consider every element of all the options but the Gatwick option has become so overwhelmingly obvious as the best economic, environmental and deliverable of the three that I can’t really see how anything else is still in the running.”
  • ROSEMARY FRENCH OBE, GATWICK DIAMOND INITIATIVE: “There are many reasons why Gatwick is the better option but we can distil them into the principal one.  There is no doubt that there will be substantially less environmental and noise impact than at Heathrow. The land is already safeguarded and significantly fewer businesses and homes will be adversely affected.” 
  • SOOZIE CAMPBELL, CHAIR, BRIGHTON & HOVE TOURISM ALLIANCE: “The Tourism Alliance supports the development of a second runway at Gatwick as it would substantially contribute to the long term growth of the UK’s international trade and would provide a fillip for tourism related businesses within the south-east.  Tourism businesses in the Brighton & Hove area would wholeheartedly welcome this expansion as it would complement their plans to increase visitor numbers to the city.”
  • VICTORIA BID CHIEF EXECUTIVE RUTH DUSTON: "International transport connectivity is vital for the long-term success of London and the Westminster area. As the voice of business in Victoria we are confident that the investment being made in the redevelopment of Victoria will  deliver the flexible, long-term solutions and capacity that will support the expansion of passenger numbers coming from Gatwick Airport into Victoria.”
  • METROBUS: "A growing Gatwick will support even further developments of our service network in the area in future years which will benefit all bus users in a number of surrounding communities"
  • PLATINUM BUSINESS MAGAZINE, DIRECTOR IAN TREVETT: "I suspected that businesses would favour a new runway, but I was surprised and taken aback by the depth of feeling and the unanimous support for Gatwick expansion. I have attended many chamber events, networking groups and property professional meetings and asked for a show of hands for and against Gatwick. Not one hand has been raised in opposition. Businesspeople want the airport to be expanded. They feel this region has space and a need for growth and they see the airport as crucial for this.” 

airports and airlines support

  • BIRMINGHAM AIRPORT CEO PAUL KEHOE: "Growth at Gatwick will support demand for greater connectivity, improving value for passengers flying from the South East and supporting the continued growth of our regions."

  • EDINBURGH AIRPORT CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER, GORDON DEWAR SAID: “It is essential for the United Kingdom that airports policy puts the needs of passengers at its heart, and is designed in the best interests of the country as a whole. Edinburgh Airport believes that the plans being worked on by Gatwick represent the most realistic and deliverable proposals in terms of providing short, medium and long-term capacity for growth.”
  • BJØRN KJOS, CEO OF NORWEGIAN AIR: “To meet the demands of all passengers in the future, and ensure an excellent choice of routes and fares, a new runway must be built at Gatwick.”  

chambers of commerce support

  • WORTHING & ADUR CHAMBER OF COMMERCE, PRESIDENT PETER BENNETT: "Worthing and Adur Chamber of Commerce fully supports the building of a second runway at Gatwick as soon as possible. Business needs economic support and planning by the Government for the infrastructure to underpin growth through roads, rail links, air terminals and runways. The expansion at Gatwick will boost the economy of Worthing and Adur to grow, providing jobs and oportunities for our future. Our children and grandchildren depend upon investment now for a prosperous posterity. We do not want them to have to move away, migrate or commute in order to earn a living. A second runway at Gatwick will produce thousands of jobs and opportunities for a better future for the businesses in our area."
  • HASTINGS CHAMBER OF COMMERCE MANAGER JONATHAN DOLDING: “Hastings Area Chamber of Commerce supports the development of a second runway at Gatwick Airport. The Gatwick option will bring real economic and employment benefits not only to the immediate area surrounding the airport but to the economy of East and West Sussex as a whole.  As a Chamber we have been involved with partners in lobbying for infrastructure improvements across Sussex and the wider region and it is imperative that the East / West infrastructure links to the airport are addressed and improved as part of any second runway development.”  
  • NEWHAVEN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE PRESIDENT ANNIE LORYS: "There are many pockets in the southeast that are considered economically deprived areas - having a world class airport in Sussex will help boost the economies of these areas by creating new jobs and bringing new businesses to the area. Newhaven and surrounding areas are ideally placed to take full advantage of an expanded Gatwick Airport. I would expect a 2nd runway at Gatwick to bring new businesses to the area and create more business for the existing ones.  Hopefully it would also bring improvements to our infrastructure. 2nd runway at Gatwick please – it’s a no brainer!”
  • CHICHESTER CHAMBER OF COMMERCE & INDUSTRY: "Chichester Chamber of Commerce & Industry is in support of the expansion plans at Gatwick Airport, assuming infrastructure and supply chains are improved. We represent 270 organisations across Hampshire and West Sussex, employing in the region of 1,800-2,000 people."
  • PAUL ROE, FCCA. PRESIDENT CRAWLEY & GATWICK CHAMBER OF COMMERCE: “Building a second runway at Gatwick is the only way to secure a network of competitive airports for the UK, resulting in lower fares and more routes for travellers. Heathrow was stripped of its monopoly position only 5 years ago: to hand them back the monopoly share would be disastrous and undo all the benefits businesses have enjoyed since Gatwick became independent. Crawley & Gatwick Chamber of Commerce back Gatwick Expansion as the right option not just for the region, but for the whole of the UK.”

other supporters

  • THE SUN, CITY COMMENT (13TH JANUARY 2015): "We need at least one far larger airport. Heathrow has been trying to expand for decades, but noise worries persist. Gatwick seems like the easier, bettter solution. It is time to give it the nod."
  • SIR TERRY FARRELL: "I have no doubt that with a second runway, Gatwick will deliver more balanced, and more widely spread, economic growth for London and the South East. Expansion at Gatwick could do for South London and the wider region what the Olympics did for East London and give a huge boost in terms of jobs, housing and regeneration"