Date published: 5th June 2015

Artist, producer and songwriter Jack Shaw explains why he supports Gatwick expansion for the opportunities it will provide artists to travel for work, tour, and seek inspiration


Artist, producer and songwriter Jack Shaw:

“Spontaneous travel or wanderlust is something most people think of while at work, the chance to just jump on a plane and experience something new.

“As a songwriter and musician, inspiration is my bread and butter; it’s what breaks me out from the everyday and keeps me fuelled with experiences to write about.

“It was only on a whim that five of my friends and I decided to head into the desert for a creative trip on a shoestring budget. We flew into Marrakech from Gatwick and then headed into the Saharan Desert.

“We slept under the stars, rode camels through the dunes, played an old Casio keyboard in the High Atlas Mountains and drank beer on the roof of a hostel in the gorges. The experiences in Morocco and other places translated into finished work and since then I have been able to get my music heard across the world with the help of my publisher.

“Mine is just one story of many small businesses that use Gatwick to source new business and contribute towards economic growth.

“I have made similar trips to places like Geneva in Switzerland and Chamonix in the French Alps to go and explore, write, create music and even record albums. Such is the portability of music these days that it is, in fact, a global community both digitally and physically.

“It’s not impossible to go on a self-funded European tour these days, it’s about having a competitive market for flights which are affordable to young professionals.

“I live in South West London - a hub of creative energy - and most of the 20-30 year-olds I know see Gatwick as their local airport. Gatwick makes it possible for us to hop on a plane as easily as catching a tube.

“We’re lucky in London to have a lot of airports around us, but Gatwick still has the best choice of flights at the best prices.

“Such is the London travel bug that, should Gatwick get the green light for expansion, the positive impact it would have on the creative community would be huge.

“Gatwick to me offers the only immediate solution to continual growth in this market – it provides me and my fellow artists with cheaper fares and that means more opportunities.

“With increased capacity, more and cheaper flights will be available, more destinations will be accessible, and more great stories will be told.” / @jackshawmusic