Gatwick has created a series of new pledges to ensure local communities directly benefit from the huge economic boosts a second runway would deliver to the UK.

Gatwick expansion would deliver around 120,000 jobs and a £90bn boost to the UK. In addition to these UK-wide benefits, a series of new pledges have been created to help minimise the impacts and maximise the benefits for local communities. The local pledges follow Gatwick’s public consultation and have been designed to address the areas that matter most to the local community, including jobs, housing, noise and transport. Full details of the local community pledges are available here. The pledges include:

  • £46.5m to help local authorities deliver essential community infrastructure
  • A £3.75m fund to help create 2,500 new apprenticeships for local people
  • A series of noise initiatives including £45m for Gatwick’s unique council tax initiative and £5m for noise insulation measures
  • Improvements to local transport links and a commitment to ensure local roads are no busier than they are today, with a £10m local highway development fund in place to meet any additional works 
  • For the small number of homes that would need to be compulsorily purchased, a £131m Property Support Bond will offer homeowners 25% above market value, significantly above statutory requirements. In addition, a £14m Home Owners Support Scheme to buy any homes that would be subject to high levels of aircraft noise - above a set noise level - under the new plans
  • A new Business Engagement Charter to help local landowners & businesses affected by Gatwick expansion 


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