Competition - more choice, lower fares, better service

Not surprisingly, our second runway plans are also about putting passengers first. We think competition is a good thing. At Britain’s airports it keeps us on our toes making sure standards are high and fares are low.

The Airports Commission states in its Consultation Document that expansion at Gatwick “would enhance competition in the London airport system”. We believe more competition would reduce fares, raise standards and provide more choice for passengers.

A report by the Competition and Markets Authority’s recently found the break-up of the Heathrow monopoly has already led to 34 million additional passenger journeys from 2009 to 2015, greater choice, improved service, lower fares, and around £870 million in economic benefits by 2020.

That’s why we think that the next runway should take this a stage further by creating two world class airports for Britain with all the competition benefits that would bring.

Building a new runway in the South East would allow around 200,000 extra flights a year to and from Britain. If those flights all land at Heathrow, then just one airport will control the majority of the air traffic in and out of our country, resulting in less choice, less innovation, and less impetus to improve things for passengers. 

However, if more of those flights touch down at Gatwick, passengers will benefit from increased competition through lower fares and better service. Competition within a network of airports keeps both Heathrow and ourselves on our toes, compelling us to be the best we can be.  

Two world class airports will keep UK aviation competitive and ensure our country keeps up with the rest of the world. So wherever everybody else is headed, we’ll be right there with them.

Investing For Our Passengers

At Gatwick, we have always put you, the passenger, first. Since independent ownership we have already invested £1.3bn in transforming the airport experience for passengers, upgrading our terminals, car parks, forecourts, security lanes, dedicated services for families, business travellers and people with restricted mobility.

Recently, we announced plans to spend an additional £1.2billion over the coming years taking the total investment to £2.5bn. 

We have used technology to help our passengers every step of the way, including info tablets, Google maps and street view, self-service check-ins, and high tech, super-fast security check-ins.

The investment in our facilities is aimed at all our passengers – business, leisure, families.

Gatwick's Long-Haul Growth

Since entering private ownership, Gatwick has successfully attracted new airlines and new connections to existing and emerging growth markets around the world. 

In 2016, Gatwick has added 20 new long haul services moving into the Premier League of European airports serving over 50 long-haul routes.

In recogntion of this Gatwick has been recognised as the European airport with the most new long haul routes by leading aviation news and analysis organisation



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